Since the avatar is the most important instance of the game to us, we would like to introduce her to you.

In the game it is our "sublime", our avatar. A mighty figure that we follow because it embodies the values that are important to our characters. Some of us even worship the silver dragon as their own goddess. The Avatar is the projection, the image of the silver dragon that walks among the mortals once a year and tests them in the competition.

Since 2008, the silver Avatar has been portrayed by Selda, which makes her one of the oldest avatars on the dragon festival. In the game, she exemplifies the camp's ideals of the silver path, thus making the values more tangible and understandable. As a game Master in role, she has the elegant possibility to regulate everything this way without tearing us out of the play and the immersio

You can reach Selda in the DF Forum via PM  

Since 2016 there have been 3 characters supporting our avatar actively. They have been given the name 
The Silver Wings or short wings
from the camp.