Everyone is welcome to join the silver camp. We recommend that you choose your camp according to the character you're playing. Do the values and attributes of the silver dragon coincide with your characters' opinions?


Beginning & Creation
The silver dragon is the creator and the beginning of every being. This is reflected in artists, magicians, clerics and craftsmen who possess the creative power to create something new and establish a beginning. But the beginning can also be the first step towards a new path. 


The light provides warmth and enlightens facts. The warmth provides a feeling of security and allows life itself. Hardly anything can survive permanently without light. Only the upright will survive under the radiant eye of the silver dragon, only the word of the truthful will be believed.


Grace & Mercy
Grace is to accept suffering without retribution. Mercy is an act of love, where an act of retribution it might be justified.


Law & Order
These two properties are the healthy fertile soil for the acts of light. If order is lacking and justice is not obeyed, everything perishes in chaos.


Pride & Decadence
Success tempts the Silver One to look down on others with arrogance and perhaps to display its decadence.


Righteous Wrath
The inner conflict of the silver dragon is cold steel. Steel devours those powers that are beyond the cycle. Where silver knows grace, the cleansing fire is the only proper way for steel..


If your character can live with the fact that he or she will be surrounded by companions who live and pursue the above-mentioned aspects, then silver is the right choice for you. Even though the Avatar considers mortals to be the perfect creation, he does not assume that you are perfectly fit for all attributes.


The camp is composed of a very rich and colourful crowd. You will find any profession, any class and any social rank within the Silver. Foreign breeds though have a quite exotic touch, because they are rarely seen among the silver camp - although we are able to present an ogre, a hobbit, some elves and also dwarves. 

What causes a distinct potential of conflict: 
- Characters that are attached to eternal change or are associated with it.
- Characters who abuse their superiority
- Mages/Clerics who are lavishly or ruthlessly using their abilities
- any character that clearly offends several of the silver attributes